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Updated: 34 min 20 sec ago

New leak reveals iPhone 6’s release date

6 hours 37 min ago

After a Chinese carrier confirmed a few days ago that it’ll soon sell Apple’s iPhone 6, posting a concept image for the handset in the process, Chinese publication PCInLife said on Weibo that the Unicom version of Apple’s iPhone 6 will be launched in the country between September 16th and September 19th. FROM EARLIER: An Apple carrier partner just confirmed the iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled on September 9th during a special media event that’s yet to be confirmed by Apple, and hit various markets, including U.S. and other initial launch markets the following week. Specifically, the iPhone 6’s release date is expected to be September 19th, the second Friday following the phone’s unveiling on September 9th. Similarly, in past

Japan lab unable to replicate stem cell results

6 hours 46 min ago

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese laboratory that retracted a paper reporting a potentially major breakthrough in stem cell research said Wednesday its researchers have not managed to replicate the results.

How to sneak a Tesla into Russia for just 6.5 million rubles

6 hours 48 min ago

In much of the Western world, the Tesla Model S is becoming a normal sight in traffic; In Russia, on the other hand, a Model S attracts the attention of pretty much everyone. Tesla doesn’t do business there, so when Dmitry Grishin — the wealthy 35-year-old entrepreneur behind internet mega-portal — navigated hell and high water to bootleg one into Moscow, his hard-fought prize made the cover of Автомобили magazine. “They’re all geeks, programmers,” Grishin says.

Kobo Aura H20 E-Reader Is Bathtub Ready

6 hours 50 min ago

What book-lover hasn't at least thought about bringing their e-reader into the bath, shower or even the pool? How many have ruined ereaders this way? But bathtub reading isn't a problem with the new $180 Kobo Aura H20, a waterproof E Ink e-reader that can survive being dunked in more than 3 feet (1 meter) of water for 30 minutes, assuming its port cover is closed.

Slimmer MacBooks Coming by 2015 (Report)

6 hours 50 min ago

Apple's ultra-slim MacBook Air could soon be shedding even more bulk. According to reports from Digitimes, the Cupertino, California-based hardware giantcould launch thinner MacBook models by the end of this year, or at some point in 2015.

T-Mobile adds Songza, Rdio, others to Music Freedom; Google Play Music 'later this year'

6 hours 52 min ago

Apparently T-Mobile remains unfazed by net neutrality concerns over its Music Freedom initiative; Users of Songza, Rdio, Grooveshark, AccuRadio, Black Planet, and Radio Paradise can now stream endless music from those services, and none of that listening will count against their data plan. Today's batch joins a list that already included Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, and other popular streaming products.

Hot new Galaxy Note 4 teased by Samsung in these four new videos

6 hours 57 min ago

With the Galaxy S5 having been something of a dud for Samsung, its upcoming new phablet launch couldn’t possibly be more important. The supersized smartphone space is now heating up to the point where even Apple can’t ignore it anymore, and Samsung’s top spot in the phablet world is at risk for the first time. Apple is expected to launch a brand new iPhone with a 5.5-inch display at some point before the holidays this year, leaving Samsung precious little time to spread the word about its next-generation Note-series phone, which is set to be unveiled next week during a press conference. Samsung has teased its new Galaxy Note 4 several times in the lead-up to next week’s event, and now the

China's Wanda, Tencent and Baidu team up for $813 million e-commerce deal: sources

7 hours 1 min ago

China's privately-held Dalian Wanda Group is set to launch a 5 billion yuan ($813 million) e-commerce joint venture with domestic internet giants Tencent Holdings Ltd and Baidu Inc, according to two sources familiar with the investment. The e-commerce venture, which will be 70 percent owned by Wanda and 15 percent held by Tencent and Baidu respectively, is set to be announced later this week, the people said. The venture will unite three of China's most powerful non-state companies. For Wanda, the tie-up with Tencent and Baidu opens the door to new opportunities in the world's biggest e-commerce market as the rise of smartphones creates new business opportunities.

Lawmakers call for a cellphone ‘kill switch’

7 hours 2 min ago
A new law signed this week by Gov. Jerry Brown makes California the second state to mandate a remote "kill switch" for all smartphones—but at what cost to the Constitution?

Dropbox lowers prices, adds new features as cloud storage competition heats up

7 hours 17 min ago

With so many viable options on the market, it can be difficult to settle on a single cloud storage solution. Not only does each service offer its own unique set of perks, the prices are dropping so quickly that it’s tough know how to get the best deal. Dropbox has made that decision even more difficult by matching Google Drive’s offering of 1TB for $10 a month for Pro users. Until this week, Google Drive was in a class of its own. Dropbox Pro users were previously able to choose between 100GB for $10, 200GB for $20 and 500GB for $50. Box and OneDrive users have similar options, but as a result of the new pricing, Dropbox has eliminated its tiers

Time Warner Cable says botched 'maintenance' caused nationwide internet outage

7 hours 17 min ago

It's probably a good thing that Time Warner Cable schedules its network maintenance for really early in the morning. Nationwide outages are fairly uncommon — especially when you're talking about an ISP the size of Time Warner Cable, which provides high-speed broadband to 11.4 million residential customers. Just spoke to Time Warner Cable customer service, TWC is down and out nationwide.

A cooler just beat Pebble's record for highest-funded Kickstarter project

7 hours 18 min ago

The Pebble smartwatch, a shining example of ingenuity being supported by crowdfunding, has held the record for highest-funded Kickstarter campaign for over two years now, not even being surpassed by cult hits like Veronica Mars. The Coolest cooler has broad appeal and some simple, but useful, tech integrations — and that may just be why it's found a big audience of buyers.

How does BMW sell an armored car? By shooting it dozens of times

7 hours 26 min ago

Earlier this week at Moscow's International Auto Salon, BMW rolled out an armored version of its largest SUV, the X5 Security Plus. BMW actually offers three different levels of protection on different armored models — Security, Security Plus, and High Security. The company says it "drives exactly the same as any other Sports Activity Vehicle from BMW" — apart from the fact that you're driving on some extraordinarily dangerous roads, of course. Here's an older video from BMW advertising its armored car portfolio — skip to about 1:48 to see a 7-Series taking fire:

The Wii U is actually worth buying now

7 hours 40 min ago

Nintendo's Wii U launch was the company's biggest disaster since the Virtual Boy. Just look at the chart above — the Wii U has posted terrible retail figures ever since its initial burst of sales, and there's little chance of that changing even with blockbuster titles like Mario Kart 8. Nintendo seems to have no idea how to make use of the tablet-style GamePad controller, meaning the Wii U's unique selling point has mostly been a wash. We're way past the tipping point where there's enough to play on the Wii U

New report details launch time frame for the thinnest MacBook ever

7 hours 47 min ago

Apple is reportedly working on its slimmest MacBook laptop yet, something various reports have claimed in the past, but Digitimes now says the unidentified MacBook will launch either in the fourth quarter of the year or in 2015. FROM EARLIER: There’s a chance that the Retina MacBook Air might be ready for Christmas after all According to sources from Apple’s Taiwan-based supply chain, production of components has already begun in small volumes, although other details have not been revealed regarding the device. It’s not clear at this time whether the new MacBook will be part of the Air or Pro families – both laptop lines have been refreshed this year, offering slightly improved performance and cheaper prices – but it’s likely the laptop

Dropbox slashes pricing and boosts storage as competition intensifies

7 hours 58 min ago

Almost from the day it launched, Dropbox has been arguably the best storage and file syncing service on the market — and it's also been among the most expensive. Founder Drew Houston has often said that Dropbox customers aren't focused on the price, so long as they get a service that works. Today Dropbox announced a revamped version of its paid offering for individuals, called Dropbox Pro, that costs $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte of storage.

Apple May Grow iPad Line with 12.9-inch Model

8 hours 9 min ago

Apple has already explored smaller tablets with its 7.9-inch iPad Mini, so there's nowhere left to go but up. A new report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is developing a giant 12.9-inch iPad which could be ready as early as spring 2015. Bloomberg cites knowledgeable sources claiming that Apple has been working with suppliers for over a year to perfect a larger format for its tablet line.