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Updated: 16 min 15 sec ago

Huawei does the Honors in CNET UK podcast 409

2 hours 44 min ago

Huawei has a new name for Europe, while drones are proving to be both good and evil this Halloween.>

Facebook just created a new Tor link for users who wish to remain anonymous

2 hours 49 min ago

Facebook just took the surprising step of adding a way for users of the free anonymizing software Tor to access the social network directly. Tor is an open source project that launched in 2002 to provide a way for people to access the internet without sharing identifying information such as their IP address and physical location with websites and their service providers. People who download the free Tor software can visit websites while keeping the actual location of their computer and its make and model secret.

Low Latency 113: Bro band

2 hours 53 min ago

Out of nowhere, Microsoft debuted a fitness tracking smartwatch called the Band. At first glance, it's kind of awesome.>

'The Colbert Report' gets a date for its final episode

2 hours 54 min ago

The Colbert Report has a date for its final episode. The show, a spin-off of the long running comedy news program The Daily Show, features the character "Stephen Colbert" played by the comedian of the same name. Stephen Colbert, the character, is a pompous, boisterous, loudmouth inspired initially by the conservative talk show hosts on FOX News, though the character now parodies all types of political talking heads.

Samsung's Galaxy A5 and A3 smartphones are its thinnest ever

3 hours 4 min ago

In light of disappointing earnings, Samsung just told the world that it's planning to "fundamentally reform" its take on the smartphone. But it's fair to say that the company may have changed its thinking long before yesterday's dire report. Today Samsung announced a pair of metal smartphones that have seemingly been designed for social media addicts and selfie takers. Aside from their premium unibody builds, the Galaxy A3 and A5 won't blow anyone away in terms of what's inside, but they're nothing to scoff at either. ...

Video offers a tantalizing peek at what Lollipop will look like on the Galaxy S5

3 hours 5 min ago

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the most anticipated Android release since Jelly Bean first hit the scene in 2012 and we’re especially excited to see what it will look like on this year’s most popular Android device, the Galaxy S5. SamMobile has gotten its hands on the latest Samsung build for Lollipop and has put together a great video showing how Samsung has refined its approach to integrating the new software with its TouchWiz overlay. RELATED: Your Galaxy S5 may get Android 5.0 Lollipop in time for the holidays SamMobile notes that Samsung has made a lot of UI changes since the last time we saw an early build of Lollipop on the Galaxy S5, as the company has added a

Has Apple quietly fixed its iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’ problem?

3 hours 29 min ago

Ignoring the idiotic instances where people intentionally started bending iPhone 6 units in stores just to prove it can be done, Apple did have an iPhone 6 Bendgate problem, which genuinely affected some early buyers. Early reports have shown that the iPhone 6 Plus was more prone to bending than its smaller sibling, with some users explaining why the iPhone 6 Plus can bend in a certain way — apparently the area around the bottom volume button lacks the kind of reinforcement that can prevent bending. However, Apple might have fixed the issue, one Reddit user seems to indicate. FROM EARLIER: Yet another Apple fan who mocked ‘Bendgate’ finds himself disturbed by a slightly bent iPhone 6 Plus Redditor doctorkuddles says that

New trailers: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay,' Netflix's 'Marco Polo,' and more

3 hours 40 min ago

This week's best trailers range from huge epics to tiny productions, but they all look pretty great in one way or another. Head down below to see trailers for a number of new things to watch this November and beyond.

The entire history of Apple products captured in one fantastic poster

3 hours 54 min ago

When you think of Apple in 2014, the first device that comes to mind is probably the iPhone. Few products have had as much of a cultural impact as Apple’s smartphone, but the iPhone is just one branch of Apple’s prolific history. Pop Chart Lab recently released the third edition of its “Insanely Great History of Apple” poster, featuring over 500 Apple releases, from the Dot Matrix Printer to the iPad Air 2. FROM EARLIER: Anonymous Apple employees reveal what it’s like to work for Tim Cook The poster is split into several product categories, including monitors, keyboards, portable devices and software. Seeing everything in one place, it’s interesting to note which products faded away into the annals of history and which are still being iterated

Samsung has a moment, topping Apple in phone activations

4 hours 1 min ago

The third quarter was dandy for Samsung in the US, but researcher CIRP says the iPhone 6 should propel Apple back into the lead in the final three months of 2014.>

Before the NSA, there was the USPS

4 hours 9 min ago
Imagine opening your mailbox to find a note that reads, “Show all mail to for copying prior to going out on the street.” Last year, one man did just that, leading to the discovery of secret surveillance programs for U.S. snail mail.

Amazon beats Apple for consumer satisfaction

4 hours 18 min ago

The online retailer's Fire tablets have won the latest JD Power tablet satisfaction award, pushing the iPad into second place.

These pictures show the Nexus 6’s camera is just as awesome for nighttime photos

4 hours 20 min ago

The Nexus 6 is Google’s most advanced Nexus smartphone yet, with the company focusing on premium Nexus devices this year that feature high-end specs and matching prices. The Nexus 6 has top-notch hardware across the board and the phone’s camera is supposed to offer a significantly better performance than previous models. Even though the Nexus 6 is not available to users for extensive camera testing, one Googler has just posted camera samples taken at night with the Nexus phablet. FROM EARLIER: These are the first photos taken with Google’s hot new Nexus 6 The first camera samples taken with the Nexus 6’s main 13-megapixel rear camera — which packs a Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS) — were posted online a few

Leaner Sony gains smartphone lift despite its own mobile malaise

4 hours 26 min ago

By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp posted a smaller than expected second-quarter operating loss on Friday, hailed by its finance chief as proof that the Japanese group's restructuring program is paying off. The company said the reduced operating loss was due in part to rising sales of image sensors to smartphone manufacturers, though the poor showing from its own Xperia phones weighed heavily on results. ...

Pirate Bay founder jailed for hacking Danish data

4 hours 35 min ago
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A Danish court on Friday sentenced the Swedish founder of file-sharing site The Pirate Bay to 3½ years in prison after he was found guilty of hacking into a private company handling sensitive information for Danish authorities.

Slack is now the fastest-growing workplace software ever

4 hours 40 min ago

Slack has become a big enough deal that it almost makes you care about enterprise software. The company, which integrates a kind of sophisticated group chat with dozens of other software services that your company may already use, has spread like wildfire in the corporate world. Before February, no one had ever heard of Slack; seemingly overnight, it was being used in every business in tech.