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Updated: 46 min 52 sec ago

Volkswagen, Toyota buy into ridesharing

6 hours 56 min ago

Toyota and Volkswagen announced separate partnerships Tuesday with rideshare companies Uber and Gett, in the latest such moves by major carmakers. Japan's Toyota and ridesharing titan Uber said they had entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore collaboration, starting with trials in countries where ridesharing is expanding. "Through this collaboration with Uber, we would like to explore new ways of delivering secure, convenient and attractive mobility services to customers," Shigeki Tomoyama, senior managing officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, said in a joint statement.

'What's Overwatch?' he asked me, with oldness in his eyes

7 hours 1 min ago

Now here I am, literally dying to go home and play Overwatch, trying to think of any plausible excuse to leave work early, and the very man who writes my paychecks has no understanding of my pain. Is Nilay Patel a Grade A monster? Overwatch is a first person shooter.

This illustration of the entire Star Wars: Episode IV plot is over 400 feet long

7 hours 8 min ago

For anyone who might be sick of watching the actual film, artist and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud has created an incredible 157-page illustration of Star Wars: Episode IV showing the entire plot from start to finish that you'd have to scroll through to believe. The entire image, which Panchaud made in Adobe Illustrator, contains every bit of dialogue and action in the film, and measures 10.6 inches by 4845.3 inches — or 403.775 feet long. Panchaud says on his site that he wanted to create something that contrasted with the internet's desire for quick, bite-sized content.

Prepare for another scorching summer in the US

7 hours 10 min ago
As we approach the end of May, it's finally beginning to heat up — even in the colder regions of the United States. It's a welcome change after winter decided to stick around for a few extra weeks, but come mid-July, there's a good chance we'll all be wishing for snow. This summer is going to be a rough one. READ MORE:  The true story behind one of the Internet’s most famous memes On Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its summer outlook , warning Americans that "most of the continental United States is facing elevated chances of well above average summer temperatures." In other words, temperatures are likely to be in the warmest top third of summers from 1981-2010 in the states highlighted on this map: The West Coast and the Northeast are most likely to experience sweltering summers, but virtually every state in the country (save for Kansas and Nebraska) is expected to get hit hard by the sun in the coming months. Keep in mind, darker doesn't mean warmer, just that the chances of an especially warm summer are greater. Vermont isn't going to be warmer than Alabama just because it's a darker shade of red. In case you thought the record temperatures might finally be tapering off after a relatively mild winter, summer's almost here to set you straight.

HP Enterprise selling tech services business to rival

7 hours 18 min ago
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hewlett Packard Enterprise is slimming down its business further by selling off its technology-services division to competitor Computer Sciences Corp.

Toyota to invest in ride-hailing app Uber

7 hours 40 min ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Toyota said Tuesday it is investing in Uber, making it the latest car company to put money in a ride-hailing app.

On the free Kindle excerpt of the novelization of the film based on the app called Angry Birds

7 hours 46 min ago

The feature film The Angry Birds Movie is not art. There is nothing in the rudimentary mobile game Angry Birds to suggest such a story. Players of Angry Birds know that pigs are their enemies because they are explicitly told, not because the pigs are gradually revealed to have unsettling cultural dissimilarities to the protagonist.

SteelSeries ships Rival 700 gaming mouse just in time for Overwatch

7 hours 50 min ago

The new SteelSeries Rival 700 is a fancy gaming mouse for playing video games. Look it's not like there's some sort of branded tie-in here, I've just been thinking about Overwatch a lot today. Actually it's not "just a mouse" because SteelSeries has kind of gone wild here.

Foursquare is remaking itself as a bot

7 hours 54 min ago

We may be getting a new way to use Foursquare. The location-based recommendation company today announced Marsbot, an iOS app for the service that aims to provide tips for where to eat and drink in the moment. "Our goal: create a product that tells you where to eat or drink before you think to ask for it," the company said in a blog post. "It would deliver contextually aware, proactive recommendations for awesome food and nightlife spots via the simplest communications channel possible: text."

Google Maps will soon be flooded with ads

7 hours 55 min ago
Without question, Google Maps is one of the most widely used and highly regarded navigation apps in the industry, but an upcoming change might be enough to convince some users to give other apps a try. In a blog post on Tuesday , Google revealed that it will begin experimenting with local search ads on Google Maps. Ads for nearby businesses will appear on both the desktop and mobile version of Google Maps, giving advertisers the ability to show off their stores when users search for goods or services they carry. DON'T MISS:  The CEO of Google is an unashamed iPhone user Additionally, Google is testing out several ad formats in order to help businesses increase store visits from Maps users. One of these formats is known as a "promoted pin," which shows up as a logo of the business on Google Maps. (You can see what that might look like in the header image with the Walgreens logo.) Google is also upgrading pages for local business, giving users the option to explore the store from Google Maps. Product inventory, special offers and more can be added to the page to entice nearby shoppers to visit. If you've ever used Yelp , you're probably already familiar with the basic premise of Google's latest advertising scheme — promoted restaurants appear above the standard results, carrying an "Ad" label to let you know someone paid for that spot. It's relatively unobtrusive in Yelp, but as often as many of us use Google Maps, it's hard to say whether or not ads crowding the screen will have users jumping ship.

Take a look inside this Hyperloop pod to allay your claustrophobia

7 hours 57 min ago

The most common reaction I get when explaining the concept of the Hyperloop to people who have never heard of it is: "Hell no." No one wants to be the first to step inside a windowless pod that careens through an airless tube at almost twice the speed of sound. One startup, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is working on waylaying those fears through — what else? The company, which is based in LA, is very good at releasing loads of images of a transportation system that, so far, does not yet exist in the world.

Scientists designed a wearable patch that monitors the chemicals in our sweat

8 hours 4 min ago

Most fitness trackers monitor heart rate and the number of steps users take in a day. And while these trackers might be good enough, researchers at the University of California, San Diego think they can provide a better overall view of health. In research released today, they discussed their development of a patch called Chem-Phys that's worn on a user's chest. It monitors electrocardiogram heart signals and a user's levels of lactate, which decreases as we work out. ...

3 awesome Netflix hacks that need to be real

8 hours 10 min ago
About two times a year, Netflix holds an internal hackathon where employees are encouraged to come up with creative ideas and explore new technologies, both in software and hardware, that tend to fall outside of their day-to-day job description. In other words, the Netflix hackathon is a great excuse for engineers to have a bit of fun. Just this past November, for example, you might recall that Netflix engineers managed to get a video stream running on a 1950s era TV . By the time Netflix's most recent hackathon ended, the streaming giant noted that it saw 200 engineers put together more than 80 unique hacks. "The hacks themselves ranged from product ideas to internal tools to improvements in our recruiting process," Netflix said. Of those 80+ projects, Netflix published a blogpost highlighting some of the cooler concoctions its engineers managed to come up with this year. Here's a look at a few of them. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Desktop Netflix experience Netflix calls this project Tetris, and as you might imagine, it allows users to drag, drop, re-position and even remove rows from the Netflix splash page. Put differently, it's Netflix customization unhinged. It's really just a more powerful, desktop-based Netflix experience that you can customize. Someone explain to me why it took a 'hackathon' for Netflix to come up with this? Watch Netflix in peace with QuietCast This is a great little hack that lets users watch Netflix programming on their bigscreen but cast the audio straight to their headphones, either via Chromecast or another mobile device. This is a nice solution for users looking to get their TV and movie watching in without waking up anyone who might be asleep in the house. Netflix takes on VR Virtual reality is all the rage these days, and Netflix's engineers don't want to sit on the sidelines. Meet Netflix Zone , a Netflix UI designed specifically for the HTC Vive. This one is pretty cool as it presents Netflix's catalog of content in what appears to be an antiquated video store. Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of Netflix's 2016 Spring hackathon.

Google confirms the Nexus Player has been discontinued

8 hours 19 min ago

Google has ceased direct sales of its Nexus Player set-top box. "Nexus Player is still available on some retail sites," a spokesperson told The Verge, meaning that finding it elsewhere is your last remaining option for getting one. Introduced in late 2014, the Nexus Player was the first set-top box to run Android TV, but was by no means Google's first try at becoming the center of your living room.

Apple is reportedly building a Siri speaker to rival Amazon’s Echo

8 hours 21 min ago

Apple is working on its own competitor to the Amazon Echo to give consumers a Siri-powered speaker for the home, according to a report from The Information today. Not only that, but Apple is also reportedly opening Siri up to third-party apps so developers can finally tap into the voice assistant. In fact, the Siri SDK could arrive as early as June during Apple's annual WWDC conference.